Enjoy a superb Spanish horseback riding holiday on our beautiful, fit and surefooted Andalucian horses by the Sierra de las Nieves National reserve. Ride our exceptional Spanish horses through the most breathtaking and varied countryside Andalucia has to offer - We know we're biased, but we assure you, this is truly horse riding at its best. Join us for a really special riding holiday in Spain that you will always remember with great affection. But don't take our word for it. The great number of return visitors we enjoy is a testament to our horses and hospitality and aprox. 40% of our guests continue to return to us.

Our riding holidays are suitable for the intermediate (or advanced) riders. We also very much value the presence of accompanying non-riders who will be pleasantly surprised by the comfort and quality of our accommodation and surroundings and the variety of activities available in the local area apart from chilling out by our swimming pool.

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Our holidays include well cared for quality horses; beautiful home made food and drinks; we provide free and private airport transfers at any time (no buses or vans to wait for - you are here in 30 minutes); no hidden extras; small groups (maximum 5/6 riders); highly qualified riding staff.

We are here ! Are you ready to ride.....?

We are here! Are you ready......? 🐎🐎Please share as much as you like... Thank you! 😘😘🐎🐎 We are here ! Are you ready to ride with us ? Https://

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Our Horses


A gorgeous PRE mare of the old baroque stamp She has a gorgeous temperament and will turn heads wherever she goes. She is tall but well proportioned with the typical square look and extremely comfortable. You will be sooo proud to ride her and if you respect her lightness, she will take you to the end of the world and back !


Amadeo is a mature gelding with a "busy" brain and a playful temperament, originally bred by the Spanish army. He is a baroque type with classical beauty and is enthusiastic in his work. He collects his gaits with great ease and feels like a rocking horse when ridden with lightness and sensitivity.


Rociera is a stunningly beautiful, tall and elegant pedigree PRE mare. She came to us as a young undernourished and inexperienced mare and has turned into a gorgeous mature mare with an affectionate personality who absolutely adores people and is happy to have a go at any task given to her...


Our beautiful chestnut gelding named after the 'wind of the desert' ! He is a gorgeous mature red head who knows his job better than anyone. Sirocco is a Spanish "3 sangres" or Anglo x Hispano-Arab, combining the best attributes of these breeds - he is a great ride and a real gentleman !


Gitana is a great Spanish mare of solid build who is very willing to work. She stands at 16hh and is a gorgeous darker grey. She has both the looks and temperament of a typical Spanish horse, cuddly but with some spunk as well, a real showy mare ! One thing : she LOVES to eat, so hide your apple !!

Tio Pepe

A real boy with bags of character and all the charm of a beautiful proud Spanish horse. He grew up in the Malaga mountains and has amazingly tough feet, hard legs and is extremely surefooted. He is fast, very forward going and never gives up. Tío Pepe needs an experienced, gentle and sensitive rider. You will be proud to ride him !


A gorgeous bright bay half pedigree PRE mare, who loves to flirt with the boys. She is very comfortable ride, forward going but very steady and super safe ! Nothing much will worry her and she has the best temperament ever !


Savannah is a quality stunning HispanoArab mare. She is our princess and super sensitive. She has gone through too many hands in her younger life, but she has settled in well with us. Savannah is a keen learner and with patience she is willing to tackle anything. She is our pride and joy and does best with a relaxed and sensitive quiet rider.


Morante is a Spanish sports horse gelding (CDE). He is a quality horse with beautiful gaits and has a great talent for dressage, although he very much enjoys riding out into the countryside. He is very forward going and feels like the king of the herd :-)


Bandolero is our smallest but of course he has a much bigger personality ;-). When we first got him, his feet needed some urgent attention as his previous owner used to do the shoeing himself. Bandolero is suitable for lighter and smaller riders. He has quite a few seasons under his belt now and loves his work and the people who ride him. He is very brave and is one of the lads in the paddock;-)... he will always put a smile on your face !


Etala is a purebred PRE mare, who came to us as her elderly owner could no longer take care of her and was not in a position to start her. We have backed and trained her and she is now pretty confident out on the rides, good in traffic and pretty much anything else. She is super comfortable to ride and with a lovely youthful playfulness running through her ;-) !

"Young-riders Kirsten Beckers, Wendy Fokker and Lotje Schoots of the Dutch Dressage team staying with us to have the Spanish experience ! "