Spanish Horses For Sale

In 1600 La Broue wrote “comparing the best horses, I give the Spanish first place for its perfection, because it is the most beautiful, noble, graceful and courageous..." and in the 1700's the Duke of Newcastle said that the Spanish horse were the most intelligent, gallant, and noble.

In this new Millennium we are convinced that very little has changed !

Inspection Trip
For those people not looking for a dream holiday, but for a dream horse, we can assist...

Once you have informed us on the type of horse you want, we can go out and find possible candidates for you. You can then come to Andalucia to see these horses and try them out. We can introduce you to breeders, trainers, dealers and private owners. Before any purchase takes place, we will always recommend you have the horse independently vetted by a specialised equine vet.

Should you find the horse you want, we can assist you with: We have many happy owners throughout Europe who now own and ride one or more of these beautiful Spanish horses, we can help your dream come true !

For more information regarding the purchase of an Andalucian, please contact us at

We have a good relationship with breeders and trainers thoughout the area.

One of our many valued contact is José Rodriguez and his son José. They are highly respected and reputable local trainers. At their yard Centro Ecuestre El Rocío horses are trained in the art of Doma Clásica (competition dressage), Alta Escuela (Highschool 'Spanish' Dressage) and Doma Vaquera (work in the field). Horses are trained here at a very high standard but all in a classical manner, based on trust, not force..... Both José 's are in high demand for exhibition work throughout Spain and even abroad.

We are members of ANCCE (Asociación Nacional de Criadores de Caballos de Pura Raza Española).