Who are you?

Our guests should be :

  • Of intermediate riding standard or higher;
  • Regular riders (e.g. once or twice a week) with at least 2 years of recent regular riding, as an experienced rider;
  • Confident and in control on a forward going horse at a steady to fast canter in open countryside over even to variable ground;
  • Comfortable with the gaits of the horse (i.e. walk, rising trot, canter);
  • In good health with a good standard of fitness and agility;
  • Comfortable to ride for 4 hours per day, or sometimes more;
  • Understanding of the principle "the horse comes first"
We are always happy to hear from child riders and we will deal with these requests on an individual basis, but as a guideline the minimum age limit is 12 years old to ensure that the child will have enough stamina to complete a 4 hour ride and to ride in an "adult" group.

We also hope that your love and appreciation for the horses will help you get the best from your ride.

Children need to be accompanied on this holiday by a parent or guardian.

We have a strict weight limit of 85 kilos per rider.

Not being truthful about your weight and/ or riding ability may mean that you won't be able to participate in the rides. We reserve the right to weigh you if in doubt....and there will be a short riding assessment at the start of the first day.

This is above all a relaxed riding holiday....