Horseriding holiday in Andalucia Spain

As recommended by many professionals and many other satisfied riders and guests. Please see our genuine Riders Comments Page


Horseriding holiday in Andalucia Spain

As featured in the official magazine of the Royal Equestrian Federation of the Netherlands 2013


Horseriding holiday in Andalucia Spain

As featured in many leading Equestrian Magazines


Horseriding holiday in Andalucia Spain

As recommended by many professionals and many other satisfied riders and guests. Please see our genuine Riders Comments Page



Enjoy a superb Spanish horseback riding holiday on our beautiful, fit and surefooted Andalucian horses by the Sierra de las Nieves National reserve. Ride our exceptional Spanish horses through the most breathtaking and varied countryside Andalucia has to offer - We know we're biased, but we assure you, this is truly horse riding at its best. Join us for a really special riding holiday in Spain that you will always remember with great affection. But don't take our word for it. The great number of return visitors we enjoy is a testament to our horses and hospitality and more than 25% of our guests continue to return to us.


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Filmed by Mark Edwards, a compilation of several riding holidays here with us (done from Gitana's back !)

Our Horses

Fulanito IV

PRE. El macho.........!! Fulanito IV is a pedigree Spanish stallion - Pura Raza Española. He comes out of a very classical Carthusian bloodline, which can be traced back to the 15th century. He was bred by the renowned Martinez Boloix stud, who have produced many foundation PRE breeding stock. Fulli (for short) is a very happy boy and he will charm you for attention whenever you pass him  !


A stunning mare of immense presence and natural collection. Shakirah came to us after having suffered a less fortunate life and she didn't trust people very much. Now she has worked hard for us for more than 10 years and is the biggest cuddler in the paddock. Shakira is an excellent lead horse and very brave with both Lusitano and Spanish blood in her veins !


Our tall and elegant pedigree PRE mare who is still very young. She is confirming her role as a new lead hores - with Shakira as her role model, now in her mid 20's. Rociera has a great temperament and is happy to have a go at any task given to her...


Our beautiful chestnut gelding…..named after the “wind of the desert” because he “flies over the ground” as fast and smoothly as the wind…….Sirocco is a Spanish "3 sangres" or Anglo-Hispano-Arab, combining the best attributes of these breeds and he is a great ride and a real gentleman !


Gitana is a beautiful young Spanish mare of solid build who is very willing to work. She stands at over 16hh and is dark roany grey. She has both the looks and temperament of a typical Spanish horse, cuddly but with some spunk as well, a realy showy mare !

Tio Pepe

Still young, with bags of character and all the charm of a beautiful proud Spanish horse. He grew up in the Malaga mountains and had been started far too young. He is a quick learner and pretty brave. He is very forward going and never gives up. Tío Pepe needs an experienced, gentle and sensitive rider. You will be proud to ride him !


A gorgeous bright bay half pedigree PRE mare, who loves to flirt with the boys. She is very comfortable ride, forward going but very steady and super safe ! She does like to splash in the rivers ;-) !!


Savannah is a quality stunning HispanoArab mare. She is still new to the group and learning her way. She has gone through too many hands in her young life, but she is settling in well. Savannah is a keen learner and with patience she is willing to tackle anything. She is our newest pride and joy and we will give her the space and time she needs to develop her potential.


Born and bred on the premises and despite her somewhat "spoilt up-bringing", she is doing a fantastic job in her work. Lucera has a great head - she will have a go at anything and doesn't tire easily.......a great and pretty mare and a real fun ride !


Gorgeous spunky Spanish X Arab (Hispano-arab) mare who loves her job and makes heads turn everywhere she goes ! She is very light to ride and never needs any encouragement to keep going - with her proud stallion like appearance, she gets noticed everywhere she goes.....


Bolero, the son of Nikita and Regalito, learning his work with zest and enthusiasm !


Bandolero is the newest addition. When we first got him, his feet needed some urgent attention as his previous owner had shod him himself. Needless to say that this caused him to have sore feet.... Bandolero first enjoyed a couple of months of recovery and we are now slowly trying to prepare him as a future guest horse for the lighter and smaller riders. He loves people and is pretty brave and looks like a smaller version of Tío Pepe with whom he has made friends already....